Our Approach to Patient Care

Hoag Urologic Oncology is a dedicated, compassionate and patient-centered team of physicians focused on keeping patients whole throughout cancer treatment. Our team offers years of expertise in the field of urologic oncology (bladder, prostate, and kidney cancers), emphasizing minimally invasive techniques, and innovative therapies in the treatment of urologic cancers.

Meet our Physician Team

Jeffrey Yoshida, M.D.

Robert Torrey, III, M.D.

Jeffrey Bassett, M.D.

Elizabeth Daum, P.A.-C.

Sandy Southerland, RN

Why Hoag Urologic Oncology Physicians?

When it comes to cancer treatment, there is no decision more crucial than selecting the right doctor.

  • Fellowship-Trained Urologic Oncologists. Drs. Yoshida, Torrey and Bassett are all fellowship-trained in urologic oncology and focus on an individualized approach to cancer care. They were trained in the most contemporary surgical techniques (minimally invasive and robotic surgery) and treatments.  While it is rare to find even one fellowship trained urologic oncologist in a large urology practice, Hoag Urologic Oncology physicians are all fellowship-trained.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans. Each person and each cancer is different and by partnering with patients, we are able to offer compassionate and cutting-edge care including the latest in minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgical techniques, as well as innovative clinical trials.
  • Focused on Quality of Life. We are committed to a patient’s quality of life, during and after cancer treatment. We strive to minimize the potential side effects of cancer surgery when possible. We carefully monitor our patient’s recovery after surgery, whether it be continence and erectile function after prostatectomy, satisfaction with urinary diversion type after bladder removal, or preservation of kidney function after partial nephrectomy.
  • Compassionate Care. When you receive a diagnosis of cancer, everything changes: your priorities, your concerns, your dreams, your life. We want you to know you are not alone.  We are here to help you navigate these uncertain times.

Conditions We Treat


  • Advanced diagnostics & imaging modalities
  • Expert active surveillance and disease management
  • High volume robotic-assisted surgeries
  • Over 4,000 cases combined, utilizing minimally-invasive robotic-assisted technology via single port and multi-port approaches
  • Genomic profiling & genetic testing
  • Clinical trials, including innovative immunotherapy research

Patient Testimonials

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